What is GlobalSME.net?

B2B Business Partner

GlobalSME.net is a global business network for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

It was built with the vision of connecting SMEs across the world. With an ongoing globalisation and the increasing connection of all parts of the world through the internet nowadays, it's SMEs that should benefit the most from developing and expanding their international business activities. After all, the vast majority of companies operating today are SMEs. But often, SMEs that want to make the leap across their national borders lack an international network.

On this website, SMEs can search for and connect with new business partners (principals or sales partners) in a centralized global database. As such, GlobalSME.net provides a platform for B2B Business Partners, rather than for B2B Customers.

Who should use it?

In general, this website is intended for small and medium-sized companies doing international business, independent of industry.

GlobalSME.net is in particular very useful for:

Global Reach

  • Manufacturers looking for distributors,
  • Suppliers looking for sales partners,
  • Principals looking for representatives,
  • Distributors looking for manufacturers,
  • Sales Partners looking for suppliers,
  • Representatives looking for principals.


As this is an international platform, users are expected to have a basic command of English.

How does it work?

This website is designed in a way to enable non-english speaking users to confidently handle all the functionalties. Simplicity was a big factor in the realisation of this concept.

The use of this platform is easily explained in three steps as follows:

Step 1: Create a Company Profile

Every user has to create a valid company profile in order to participate in the activities on this website. While signing up for an account, users are asked to fill up their company details and thus creating their company profile.

Question: Who can see my company profile?

Answer: Your company profile is only visible when you create a posting, when you contact a company through the contact form on a posting (see Step 3 below), or when your participate in the forums. A link to your profile is displayed on each of your own postings and forum activities, so that users can find out more about your company. However, your e-mail address will not be made public (see Step 3 below).


Step 2: Create/Search Postings

Postings are the central element of this website. Here you specify (1) what you are looking for, (2) where, i.e. in which particular region of the world, (3) where specifically, i.e. which particular countries, and (4) in what industry.

All postings appear in short in a global table (under "Postings --> View All Postings") and users can filter those data according to the above mentioned criteria. This global table links to the respective postings page where users can read the posting in full, access the poster's company profile and also contact the poster through a personalised contact form (see Step 3 below). At any time users can edit or delete their own postings (under "Postings --> View My Postings").

Question: Do I have to create a posting?

Answer: No, creating a posting is optional but recommended. You can also just browse the table of postings and look for interesting business opportunities. However, creating a posting may increase your chances of companies knowing about you and connecting with you.


Step 3: Connect

The last step is connecting with others users. If you create your own posting (or forum activity), other users can see your company profile and contact you. If you find an interesting posting in the global table, you can contact the respective user.

IMPORTANT: Contacting users should only be done in the context of the respective postings, not for any other purposes (e.g. attempting to sell products or services). Remember, this site is not about selling, it is about finding business partners, not customers. Users disregarding this will find their accounts cancelled.

Question: Is my e-mail address visible to anyone?

Answer: No. When you create a posting, your e-mail address is not visible to others. User can only contact you through a personal contact form linked to on your postings or company profile. They will not see your e-mail address. However, when you receive an e-mail through the contact form on your company profile, you will see (besides the message) the sender's e-mail address as well as a link to his or her company profile on this website. That means that once you contact a company through the contact form on a posting, the recipient will see your e-mail address as well as a link to your company profile on this website. This is necessary in order to prevent imposting. You are encouraged to check the sender's company profile to make sure it matches the content of the message.

IMPORTANT: Our platform does not support replies to messages received through the contact form on your company profile. Should you decide to answer, you will have to answer directly to the e-mail address stated in the message (as sender). This means only then will your e-mail address be visible to the other party, as you are communicating directly with them outside this platform. Please bear this in mind.

Question: How do I handle spam/unsolicited sales offers?

Answer: We do our best to contain spam, but it can never be fully avoided. However, you have the option to report users, postings and forum activities that do not comply with our terms of use. Reports contents using the "Report" functions or contact us through our contact form. If you choose to contact us using our contact form, please choose the "Report Span" category and make sure to add the URL of the content or user in question to allow for faster processing.





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