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This website is designed to be self-contained, simple and intuitive, so as to enable a quick and confident handling. However, sometimes questions may arise that need to be addressed. Here you can find a number of questions often asked about this website. Questions are grouped into categories to help you find your way around faster.

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What is GlobalSME.net?

GlobalSME.net is website that helps connect small and medium-sized enterprises (so called SMEs) around the world. It came about as a result of many years of business practice in SMEs looking for new business partners, new products to sell and new sales channels abroad. This website was set up with one goal in mind: connecting SMEs globally, i.e. creating a platform enabling businesses to connect with each other and share knowledge in order to develop profitable business relationships.

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What purpose does this website have?

The majority of the world's businesses are actually small and medium-sized. As globalisation progresses and technology evolves, many companies want to expand their reach and venture across their national borders (because now they can). GlobalSME.net helps those companies search for business opportunities, connect with new business partners and explore new possibilities on a global scale.

Please note: This is a website for B2B Business Partners, not Business Customers.

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Who should use this website?

This website should be used by business owners, sales staff, business development managers, country and regional managers, purchasing or procurement managers and so forth. In general, everyone who has the authority to represent his or her company can use this platform to expose their business to global opportunities provided through this network.

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Is there something for sale on this website?

No, this website is free of charge. There are no membership fees, subscription fees nor premium functions that can be acquired.

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How is this website being financed?

We aim to finance this website through corporate sponsorship, where companies can display their logo in the members area for a fee. This will allow us to raise additional funds needed to maintain, optimize and improve the site. We do not charge membership or usage fees on this site. Also, we do not want to clutter this site with distracting pop-up ads as we find it annoying as users of the internet ourselves.

Find out more about sponsorship.

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Who is running this website?

The idea for this website was conceived by Dirk M. Hellmuth, a Business Development Consultant from Germany. It started out as a side project to complement the consulting activities and to provide a platform for linking up existing and new global contacts. As of now, Mr. Hellmuth is still running this website.

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Why is it necessary to sign up for an account?

Signing up for an account is necessary in order to create a company profile, which is the basis for all activities on this site. To contain spam as much as possible, new users are required to sign up for an account, so that only registered users can view other companies' profiles and postings and interact with each other in the forums.

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Is the registration free of charge?

Yes, registration is free of charge. All activities on this website (e.g. viewing company profiles, creating or reply to posts as well as forum participation) are also free of charge.

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Who can register an account?

Everyone with internet access and a computer or mobile device can register an account. However, a user must be authorized to represent his or her company on this platform.

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How to register an account?

To register an account, simply click on one of the "Register"-links on the homepage. You are asked to provide a username and valid e-mail address, where we will send you the verification link to. You also will be asked to fill out your company profile (note that incomplete applications will be discarded). You will then receive a one-time login link, where you are asked to set your password for your user account. From then on, you can access the members' area via the main login located at the homepage using your username and password

Please note: Any user must be authorized to represent his or her company on this platform.

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Will I receive spam emails after I sign up?

You will not receive spam e-mails from GlobalSME.net after signing up. We will never ask you for any personal information nor transfer of any funds.

There are two kinds of communications you will receive from us directly: (1) we will notify you about technical issues (e.g. maintenance, funtionality, etc...) concerning this website or your user account through e-mail, and (2) we will update you quarterly on news related to this website (e.g. new functions, polls, etc...) with our optional newsletter.

Other than that, you won't hear from us, unless you choose to contact us.

We have, however, no control over the content and extent of communication that you will be receiving from other users through your personal contact form on this platform. We have a zero-tolerance spam policy. Should you receive spam (= unsolicited advertising or promotional communications unrelated to your postings) from other users through your personal contact form, you are advised to report to us using the contact form on this website. You can find the link in the main menu under "Account" or at the bottom of each page in the member area.

Also, make sure to read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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How to cancel / delete my account?

To close your account, go to the menu item "Account --> Account Settings" at the top of every page in the member area. Here you can edit your user account as well as your company profile and newsletter setting. Under "Account" you have the option to "Cancel my Account" at the bottom (next to the "Submit" button). After you verify that you want to cancel your account, your user data, as well as your company profile and all your postings and forum topics (!!!) will be deleted. This action is not reversable.

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What contents are available on this website?

Once you log in, you will be able to access all active global postings, view and create your own postings, and have access to our forums, where you can interact with other users on topics of doing international business. In addition, you have access different resources, like a global table of world economies, blog posts, useful links, as well as our official podcast.

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How do I use this website?

Basically, on this website you can browse postings from other companies for business opportunities that may be relevant to your business, location or industry. You can also create, edit and delete your own postings to look for business partners. In addition, you can exchange information and address questions in the forums.

The main functions can be found in the menu at the top of every page in the member area.

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How do I search for partners?

Go to "Postings --> View All Postings" and choose one of the filter on top of the table. By clicking on the title of a particular posting, you will be able to view the posting in full, with the options to visit the company's profile or to contact that company directly through the personal contact form. (Make sure to reference to their particular posting in your message)

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How can I contact prospective partners?

In "Postings --> View All Postings", click on any title to see the full posting. On the right side you see the company info box, with a link to the respective company's profile. At the bottom of the posting itself, you find the "Contact this Company" button. If you click that, you will come to the personal contact form of that partiular company and you can reply directly to their posting.

When you contact a company (i.e. user), you cannot see the recipient's e-mail address. This is to prevent spam and to protect privacy. After being notified through our platform, the recipient may choose to reply to you directly or not. Our system does not allow a recipient to reply through our platform. That means that all further communication after the initial contact will be outside this platform directly between the users. (From that point onward, e-mail addresses will be visible to the correpsonding parties)

Please note: When using the personal contact form of a company (i.e. user) on our website, the message sent to the recipient includes your e-mail address (for directly replying to you) as well as a link to your company profile on this website (for verification purposes).

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How do I create own postings?

Go to "Postings --> Create New Posting" at the top of any page and fill out the form. Be as precise as you can to ensure that you get the responses that you want. Once you are done, click "Submit" at the bottom of the form. You post is now being published in the global database and visible to any member. It also contains a link to your company profile as well as a contact option. Verify that your post is published by clicking on "View All" in the top menu and look for your posting. By default, all postings are sorted by date, that means that the latest postings are always on top of the list.

If you can't find your post in the "View All" global database, check if your filters are set to specific parameters and if so, set them to default (i.e. delete all set search parameters) and click on "Posted" in the table to rearrange the postings by date.

If you still can't find your posting, go to "Postings --> View My Posting" to see if your posting appears in the table. If it appears there, it is also in the global database. If it is still not there, you may have to create the posting again.

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How can I edit / delete my own posts?

Go to "Postings --> View My Postings" in the top menu of any page. The list shows all of your own postings sorted by date of posting. At the right side, you can "edit" or "delete" each of your own postings. All changes will be reflected immediately also in the global database under "Postings --> View All Postings".

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What personal data are collected?

When you log in, you are asked to provide a username and valid e-mail address. In addition, you are asked to provide some company details (e.g. company address, company size, industry, etc...) in order to fill out the company profile. These information are necessary to engage on this platform. For more details about the technical information relating to the collection of personal data by our server (e.g. IP address) please refer to our Privacy Policy.

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What happens with my data?

Nothing much, really. The content data you provide are used to operate this site (i.e. the global database). Your username will not be visible to other users. Your e-mail address is not being published and remains hidden from other users unless you decide to contact them through the personal contact form in their company profile.

All content that you publish on this website (i.e. postings, forum topics, and comments in forums) is published under your company's name, and is linked to your company profile and thus to your personal contact form.

In general, your data is only used in the context of operating this platform and is not being sold nor made accessible to third parties. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

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Are my data being passed on to third parties?

No, all data collected are only used to feed the database on this website. The database is not being shared nor sold nor rented out. We also don't track our members nor do we interfere with our members business relations.

For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

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Which of my data are visible to other users in the membership area?

Generally, your company profile is visible to all members as part of your postings. The content of your postings is also visible to all members. Your e-mail address is not visible to other users. Only when you contact other members (e.g. in reply to a posting) through their personal contact form, your e-mail address will appear in the message sent to the recipient so that they can directly reply to you. In addition, a link to your company profile on this website will also be included in any e-mail message from you for verification purposes. This is to prevent spam and imposters.

All activities in the forums will be under your company's name, i.e. when you post new topics or comment on other user's topics. You company name will link to your company profile, so that users can see which company you represent. They may also be able to contact you through your personal contact form then.

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How long are my data stored on this website?

Your data are stored on this website as long as you remain a registered member with an activated user account. Once you cancel your account, all your account data,
postings as well as all forum activities under your account will be permanently deleted.

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What happens with my data when I cancel / delete my account?

Once you cancel your account, all your data (including your company profile, all your postings, as well as all your forum activities) will be deleted. Your e-mail address will be removed from the database and you will automatically be unsubscribed from our newlsetter. This action is irreversable.

However, you can register again anytime for a new user account.

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