About this Website

Welcome to GlobalSME.net. Here you can find a bit of background information about this website:

What is Global SME?

GlobalSME.net is a website that has only one purpose:
to connect small- and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) across the globe.

Considering the fact that the vast majority of businesses on this planet are SMEs, it is only logical to provide them with a platform that enables them to search, connect and explore global opportunities. A match-making site for B2B Business Partners, if you will.

On this platform, users can:

  • SEARCH for new business opportunities,
  • CONNECT with new business partners, and
  • EXPLORE new possibilities for doing global business.


What Global SME is not

GlobalSME.net is...

  • not a B2B Sales-Platform, where products or services are being bought and sold among users.
  • not a Recommendation-Site, where users recommend or rate users, products, or content.
  • not a gamified system, where users earn points through activities on this site.

From a modern content perspective, this website may appear dull and boring. But we believe in simplicity and only focus on what is essential to get the job done; no bells-and-whistles, no fancy designs or interfaces... just focusing on our mission: helping SMEs connect.

Why this Website?

This website is based on an idea conceived by D.M. Hellmuth, a Business Development Consultant from Germany some time ago. Having worked abroad for several years, he recognized the problems SMEs face when looking for new business partners and business opportunities abroad. What if there were a centralized database of global SMEs, with the possibility to search for and connect with potential business partners around the world?

Thus, the idea for GlobalSME.net was born and on March 30, 2016 the first version of the site finally went online.

Now it's your turn

The structure is up and running. Now it is your turn to make it work. Because this website only works if companies like yours sign up and build up a business network.

Help our mission succeed by signing up your business today.

Don't have your own business? No problem, just tell your boss about it, recommend GlobalSME.net to others, or simply share this site via the Social Media.

Join in our mission and help companies around the world search, connect and explore...

Global Reach

We are constantly striving to increase our global reach. Below is a listing of our current members' locations by geographic area:

United States Gemany Algeria Egypt Korea (South)
Peru United Kingdom Morocco Turkey Philippines
Brazil Finland Nigeria United Arab Emirates Singapore
Venezuela Ukraine Senegal Iran Indonesia
Spain Tunisia Israel India
Lithuania South Africa Pakistan
Italy Angola Malaysia
France Ghana Nepal
Belgium Togo China
Latvia Australia
Switzerland Thailand
Serbia Hong Kong
Hungary Bangladesh
Poland Japan
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